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Addiction Medicine

Drug Addiction: Rock and Roll Lifestyle or Dead End Road?

Media and propaganda can sometimes give people a false sense on what life would be like if they used Drugs, like Oxycontin, Heroin or Cocaine. It can be seen as a fun escape from reality. Often it is seen as glorified and unrealistic, however some fall into this thinking. Take that idea, plus a bit of curiosity and the next thing you know your headed down a Dead End Road.

"Dead End Road",meaning drug use, gets you nowhere in life. Many loose their family, homes and sometimes end up in jail and loose their freedom. This is definitely not a Rock and Roll lifestyle or escape that some may have wished for.

The most easily influenced are teens and children. Someone once said "teens are like wet concrete. Whatever lands on them makes an impression". What we surround children with whether it be by example, association or media, these things do make an impression. Parents, set an Example. Instead of being their friend be their Parent, mentor and support. There are a lot of things that get left unsaid between parent and child. However actions do not go unnoticed. Ask yourself "Is the kind of life I live, one that I would want my child to?".  Take a moment to think about it, it could mean a lot to your child.
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